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I'm not just a Photographer; I'm a Mama. I know how important it is to capture and keep those small, everyday moments; how hard it is get on film that look that melts your heart. I know how quickly these moments pass, and how much you want to keep them forever. That's why I stared taking pictures of my son, Alexander. I desperately needed to record him so that I would never forget how adorable he is to me.  


So I found my passion. In 2013 I started doing photo sessions for clients, and in 2015 I started my first 365 Project in which I take pictures every day for a year and I never stopped. In 2017 I became a Click Pro which is a modern network of highly skilled professional photographers and independent artists. Membership is application based and invitations are extended on the basis on an exceptional portfolio of photos across a broad range of lighting and subject matters. 

You can follow my 365 Project, an online photo journal in which I take and post one photo each day, at this link:

Photo Packages

Rafael y Familia Web-Ready 01
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Rafael y Familia Web-Ready 12
Rafael y Familia Web-Ready 08
Rafael y Familia Web-Ready 15
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Rafael y Familia Web-Ready 48
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Lifestyle Newborn Session $350


* Three hours of relaxed shooting time   at your home

* At least 50 print ready photos and     50 web-ready images with               unrestricted online use

I love to photograph newborns not just because they are incredibly cute and snuggly, but mostly because thir arrival is a monumental event in a family's life. To me there is nothing more important than documenting this fleeting moment for a family. When I enter a client’s home my goal is not to photograph a baby. I’m there, first and foremost, to photograph a growing family. Every single person in that house, in that room, is as important to me as this tiny new baby.
Once the baby is born, preferably within the first four to ten days, I will come to your home to photograph you all as you are in this special moment in time. Sessions last up to three hours, with the expectation that there will be several breaks for feedings and changes. It's best that the baby is well fed and changed just prior to my arrival. If the baby is sleeping, we will typically start with detail shots of the baby's hands, feet, head, etc. These things will change so quickly, and it's important that we photograph them before you forget how small they were. Once the baby wakes up, we will do some more lifestyle shots with the mama holding or nursing the baby, the dad holding the small baby in his large hands, mama and dad looking at the baby, the siblings admiring and holding their new baby brother or sister. I bring with me a few basic items, and do not shoot with props or backgrounds because the magic is to capture your family just how you are in this special moment. What is most important is the happiness of the baby and the peace of the family, if you are truly happy and relaxed this beauty will shine through to the photos.

Mila and Erick Web-Ready 01
Mila and Erick Web-Ready 07
Mila and Erick Web-Ready 12
Mila and Erick Web-Ready 17
Mila and Erick Web-Ready 15
Mila and Erick Web-Ready 25
Mila and Erick Web-Ready 42
Aurora y Familia Web-Ready04
Aurora y Familia Web-Ready03
Aurora y Familia Web-Ready10
Aurora y Familia Web-Ready20
Aurora y Familia Web-Ready08
Aurora y Familia Web-Ready24
Aurora y Familia Web-Ready35
Aurora y Familia Web-Ready48
Aurora y Familia Web-Ready45
Aurora y Familia Web-Ready17
Combo Maternity and Lifestyle Newborn Sessions $600


* Two hours stress-free shooting time   at your home or location of your       choice before baby

* Three hours of relaxed shooting time   after your baby arrives 

* At least 100 print ready photos and   100 web-ready images with             unrestricted online use

A combo package with of both a maternity session and a lifestyle newborn session is the perfect way to capture your family both before and after the baby arrives. I love to photograph the excitement and hope of the parents as they treasure the last few weeks before the baby comes and then to contrast that with the joy they feel once the baby arrives. By having the same photographer for both session you can ensure a continuity of style and a more comfortable session at home because we are already friends. My style is very laid back, and I will suggest locations and settings for photos, and will give you slight nudges for poses, but for the most part I will just stand back and watch you interacting together, waiting for the perfect moment of connection and love. 

The maternity session can be held at home of a location of your choosing and will last around two hours. Once the baby is born I will come to your home and watch you interacting together and will capture the sweetest moments to keep forever. 

Lauren Web-Ready 03
Lauren Web-Ready 04
Lauren Web-Ready 05
Lauren Web-Ready 08
Lauren Web-Ready 10
Lauren Web-Ready 15
Lauren Web-Ready 24
Lauren Web-Ready 27
Lauren Web-Ready 48
Lauren Web-Ready 47
Lauren Web-Ready 12
Lauren Web-Ready 07
Outdoor Family or Maternity Session $350


* Two hours stress-free shooting time   location of your choice

* At least 50 print ready photos and     50 web-ready images with               unrestricted online use

Outdoor family sessions are the most fun when we just take it easy and walk around a beautiful location. I will give you minor nudges to the prettiest locations and light, but otherwise I will just record your family playing and being together. This is the best way to capture real emotions and how your family really is together. Sessions last two hours and can be at a location of your choosing within reason from my home base in Timonium, MD.

"Fresh 48" Photo session at the hospital $200


* One hour stress-free shooting time   at the hospital a day or two after   birth

* At least 25 print ready photos and     25 web-ready images with               unrestricted online use

Those first few hours with your new baby are special moments, a time before life with this little love becomes real, when everything is still so strange and exciting. Many new mothers want to have these photos to help remember a time that could easily be forgotten.



How much do you charge?

Packages start at $200 and the cost covers my services, and my travel within reason. If your location is more than 50 miles from my home base of Timonium, MD then I ask that you contribute to my gas and lodging (if applicable). 


How long does the photosession last?

The fee covers a reasonable amount of time and a reasonable number of subjects. Photo sessions typically last two hours, newborn sessions may take a little longer. Extra charges will be requested for very long events or for several portrait subjects.


How many photos do you deliver?

I cannot guarantee the number of finished photos that will be provided for each session, but I will do my best to make you feel like you got your money's worth and typically have around 50 finished photos. For events and parties, I will try to capture the "soul" of the day and will attempt to get at least one good shot of each participant. For portraits I will try to provide several close-ups, long shots, portrait and landscape oriented images that capture the "soul" of the person.


How long will it take for you to deliver the photographs?

After the day of the photosession, I will need at least two weeks to process the raw images into final photographs. This process includes color correcting, retouching for blemishes and other imperfections like detritus or distractions in the background, and adding artistic finishes. The photosession is only half of my job, the final photographs are so much more than what comes out of the camera. 


How will I get my final files? Do you provide prints?

Once I have finished editing the photographs I will upload them to a password-protected gallery on my website for you to preview. This is your opportunity to tell me if you would like to see any changes to the finish (black and white vs. color, bold color vs. more vintage, blemish correction, etc.) Once we have settled on the final images, I will upload the final photos to my dropbox and send you a link for easy download. Included in download will be full-size print-ready images as well as a folder containing watermarked, smaller sized web-ready images. I do not provide prints but can recommend publishers that do.


Can I share your photos on Facebook and other social media?

Yes, please! I sincerely hope that you love them as much as I do, and that you decide to share them. Nothing tickles me more. I just ask that if you like my work, and decide to share it on Facebook or other social media, I request that you share only the watermarked web-ready images. Image theft is rampant online, and by using watermarked images you protect both the photographer and the client.

Will you share my photos online?

As of 2015 I no longer share client galleries in social media such as Facebook. This is for your protection and privacy. I am proud of my images, and I know that sharing them will help build my business. However, my main subject matter is children and I made the decision that client protection is more important than my own publicity. If you decide to share the images that is fine with me, as long as you use the watermarked images to protect from theft. One exception is my on-going 365Project: I share one image every day that is a summary of my day, and many times I will chose a photo from our session. Sometimes also I ask to add an image from our session to the portfolio session of my website. However, before I share any image I will ask for your explicit written permission. 

That said, I do reserve the right to all images. Under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976, photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation. Photographers have the exclusive right to reproduce their photographs (right to control the making of copies) and use them as they see fit.  However, I will respect you and your wishes when sharing them. I will not share any images that are intimate or private unless you specifically say that I can. I will not tag you or name your children unless you say it's OK. I will not use any of your images for commercial purposes such as business cards or flyers without your expressed written permission. 


Can I see the non-edited pictures?

During the photosession I will intentionally overshoot to account for blinking, fidgeting, and to figure out the right composition and camera settings. These pictures were never meant to be shared and are often immediately deleted. After the photosession I pick the very best photos that capture the soul of the subject(s) or the events of the day, and I spend hours editing each individually in Photoshop. The unedited pictures are unfinished work, and just as a painter doesn't show an unfinished canvas I do not share these pictures. I retain the right to these and all images. 


What if I don't like your work?

Please remember that children are notoriously difficult to photograph, and I can't promise that I will get even one photograph where all children are looking and smiling at the camera. I have patience, and I know you do to, and together we'll do our best to keep them happy and having fun. I can't guarantee that you will like my work, art is so subjective. I can guarantee that I will do my best to provide a finished project that will make you happy. 




Melissa Michaud

Lutherville, MD 21093


Tel: 410-329-0825


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