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I love to photograph newborns not just because they are incredibly cute and snuggly, but mostly because thir arrival is a monumental event in a family's life. To me there is nothing more important than documenting this fleeting moment for a family. When I enter a client’s home my goal is not to photograph a baby. I’m there, first and foremost, to photograph a growing family. Every single person in that house, in that room, is as important to me as this tiny new baby.

Once the baby is born, preferably within the first four to ten days, I will come to your home to photograph you all as you are in this special moment in time. Sessions last up to three hours, with the expectation that there will be several breaks for feedings and changes. It's best that the baby is well fed and changed just prior to my arrival. If the baby is sleeping, we will typically start with detail shots of the baby's hands, feet, head, etc. These things will change so quickly, and it's important that we photograph them before you forget how small they were. Once the baby wakes up, we will do some more lifestyle shots with the mama holding or nursing the baby, the dad holding the small baby in his large hands, mama and dad looking at the baby, the siblings admiring and holding their new baby brother or sister. I bring with me a few basic items, and do not shoot with props or backgrounds because the magic is to capture your family just how you are in this special moment. What is most important is the happiness of the baby and the peace of the family, if you are truly happy and relaxed this beauty will shine through to the photos.

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