What is a 365 Project? It's a commitment that a photographer makes to take and post a photo every day for a year. Photographers do it for different reasons, but in general the goal is to become a better photographer. I started my first project on January 6, 2015 and have continued, non-stop, since that date. I have recorded the pregnancy and birth of our second son, the death of our 18 year old cat, holidays, any-days, and everything in between. It's been a monumental task for me, a bigger commitment than I realized when I started almost 900 days ago. But, in that time, I have seen my photography skills develop and have developed a style that is all my own. I am proud of the work that I have done. But, more importantly, I have documented the past 900 days of my family's life, something that we will always treasure. And that's why I took up photography in the first place -- to capture on film the little face (and now faces) that have stolen my heart so that I will remember them for always. 


If you would like to learn more about 365 Project, or it you would like to start one of your own, you can visit. www.365project.org or just pick up a camera. Happy shooting!

Project 365 5.24.17
Project 365 5.22.17
Project 365 5.21.17
Project 365 5.12.17
Project 365 5.9.17
Project 365 5.4.17
Project 365 4.24.17
Project 365 4.20.17
Project 365 4.13.17
Project 365 3.29.17
Project 365 3.12.17
Project 365 2.24.17
Project 365 2.9.17
Project 365 1.25.17
Project 365 1.23.17
Project365 1.6.16
Project365 1.8.16
Project365 1.19.16
Project365 1.18.16
Project365 2.9.16
Project365 2.27.16
Project365 3.9.16
Project365 3.15.16
Project365 3.17.16
Project365 3.20.16
Project365 3.22.16
Project365 3.25.16
Project365 3.30.16
Project365 4.8.16
Project365 4.10.16
Project365 4.18.16
Project365 4.29.16
Project365 4.21.16
Project365 4.22.16
Project365 1.9.15
Project365 1.16.15
Project365 1.31.15
Project365 2.18.15
Project365 4.30.15
Project365 5.17.15 2
Project365 5.26.15
Project365 7.8.15
Project365 8.7.15
Project365 8.25.15
Project365 9.14.15
Project365 9.18.15
Project365 10.10.15
Project365 10.15.15
Project365 11.19.15
Project365 11.21.15
Project365 12.18.15
Project365 12.27.15
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